Posted by: Debbie Abrams Kaplan | March 13, 2011

Weird coincidence

I’m trying to figure out what to make of this. Tonight Mark is having dinner at the same California restaurant where I celebrated my 40th birthday. Without him. He was in New Jersey for a business meeting, and while there, he was told that the company wanted him to relocate to New Jersey when the California site shut down.

And now he’ll have dinner there with the hiring manager of a different company, who picked the restaurant and is interviewing him for a job…in California.  (For those who know which restaurant I’m talking about, it would be funny if you happened to drop by to say hi…but don’t).

This begins what we’re calling Mark’s National Biotech/Pharma Tour. In March alone he has one or two interviews in California, Delaware, Boston (possibly two), New York City and Conneticut (for a NY job). And he already had one in Central Jersey. The good news is that employers are interested. What that means for our future? Stay tuned.


  1. Debbie, this is like a reality blog show except, well, it’s really real. I am staying tuned and will want to know where your next adventure starts.

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