Posted by: Debbie Abrams Kaplan | April 27, 2011

Fire chief’s home condemned for fire violations…and more fun news stories from New Jersey

Today is election day in our town – we’re voting on the school board and raising taxes (again). I thought it appropriate to feature some of our New Jersey politicians. By the way, Mark has noticed the 5th grade “safety patrol” kids at school, standing around in their orange vests, not doing much. He thinks they’re in training to work for New Jersey government.

Headline: Milltown Fire Chief Charged with Pot Possession: Milltown’s fire chief was arrested on a marijuana possession charge as his home was being condemned for fire and health violations…six others, including his son, were arrested on various drug charges…The raid came three days after a 55 year old man was found dead in a boat on a trailer in the cheif’s backyard in the middle-class neighborhood. Police said no foul play is suspected…Police said they were also forced to shoot and kill a pit bull terrier who attacked an officer when they entered the home…The house was condened due to a litany of fire, health and zoning violations. There were also numerous health-related violations – dog feces all over the floor, rotten food, holes in the wall.

From our local police blotter: “…an officer responded to a residence after the burglar alarm was set off at 3:24 a.m. According to police, the rear basement door was ajar, and a check of the surrounding area revealed that someone had defecated in the garage and subsequently left behind a blue pair of men’s boxers. The house was cleared and a search of the area produced no results.”

Headline: Portuguese Fugitive Found in Turnpike Carpool Lane (proving it doesn’t pay to cheat via the carpool lane). An international fugitive, convicted of trying to hire hit men to kill his ex-wife, was pulled over in Elizabeth for driving in a carpool lane with fewer than the requisite three passengers. When officers pulled him over and checked his driver’s license, they discovered an international warrant for his arrest.

Headline: NJ Deputy Attorney General Fired for Alleged Tax Evasion in New York (he failed to pay more than$47,000 in income tax). The guy was found during “Operation AccountAbility” – with more than 30 arrests, including a dentist, a Verizon employee, a farm supervisor, a former restauranteur, two salesmen and a licensed hearing aid specialist.

Headline: Ex-mayor gets 6.5 years for corruption. The former Perth Amboy mayor, who was in elected office for 18 years, was sentenced to prison on corruption charges from a scheme to funnel money into his 2006 congressional campaign, from a real estate deal.

Headline: Rolling out new weapon in the battle on potholes. New Jersey is leasing six Pothole Killer trucks which will fill potholes in 30-90 seconds, without the driver leaving his seat. The driver can do 250 potholes in one day. They’re leasing the trucks through the summer, which should tell you how many potholes New Jersey has.  At five months (20 business days/week), each truck should be able to fill 25,000,000 potholes. With 6 trucks, they can fill 150,000,000 potholes. That should take us through next spring.

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