Posted by: Debbie Abrams Kaplan | June 30, 2011

The garden

I know you’ve all been dying to know about my garden. So I thought I’d provide an update. The first batch of plants were eaten by slugs. I gave them some good beer, and picked them off twice a day. That seemed to do the trick, though I also bought some slug killer for good measure. The garden got some, as did the raccoon/opposum that took took the jar to a secluded spot in the back year, got the cap open, put claw holes in the container, dumped half of it, then dumped something else from its own body.

So here’s the garden now.

 I planted some eggplant:

This flower will hopefully turn into eggplant as well:

This is probably the only pepper I’m getting from this plant:

Don’t know if these tomato and pepper plants will get big enough in time, but they were all grown from seed by yours truly.

We also are excited about the onions:

I can’t remember what this is, but it’s making great curly vines that are attaching to the netting.

I planted some tomatoes on the side yard:

And the hanging plant is growing as well:


  1. Looks better than last year! We used to pour salt on the slugs when we were kids. They shrivel up, not sure if it was humane though.

  2. Just have fun with all the successes and failures a garden can bring, and good for you for starting tomatoes from seed. I have the same puny tomato seedlings in my garden too and by the time they produce a tomato, winter will be here!

  3. So Beautiful and so successful when you remember that you grew them from seed! You have great mother nature mojo!

  4. […] couldn’t get it together during the kitchen renovation), some purchased plants. Hopefully we’ll avoid the slugs this year (I purchased compost instead of using our own). And no hanging tomato plant this […]

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