Posted by: Debbie Abrams Kaplan | July 5, 2011

The New York wedding

I’ve heard a lot about New York weddings, and we finally got to experience one. It was in New Jersey, though (very close to the NY border – and with a NY bridal family). I asked friends in town if there was a difference between New York and New Jersey weddings. The difference seems to be in the amount of food. New York weddings provide so much food that you roll out of there and never want to eat again. So this one qualified.

The ceremony itself was lovely, and we retired after to the cocktail hour (or as I called it, the “stuff your face” hour). The room had so many food stations I couldn’t count. And I had to really weigh out where to start eating because I wasn’t going to make it through the whole thing. I started with the sushi.

I ate my weight in sushi

I wish I had a picture of the whole sushi bar, complete with Japanese servers dressed up in traditional costume. Dori went to the mashed potato bar, which I’d never seen before. I guess I haven’t been to a fancy affair in awhile because this is apparently all the rage now. I wish I took my own picture – there were four colors (natural, not food dye) of mashed potatoes, served in martini glasses, with toppings to add on.

this wasn't the actual mashed potato bar, but similar

ways you can customize your mashed potato - again, not from the actual wedding

Other stations included salads, the carving stations, the pancake/caviar station, pigs in a blanket, smoked salmon, Chinese food, pasta, panini and more.

thank you Marilyn for this photo of the pasta station

again, thank you Marilyn for the photo of the pita panini!

Though I love cocktails, I only admired this vodka ice sculpture with my eyes and camera.

ice cold vodka chute

And the bottles they put out were gorgeous. I headed to the bar, but was tempted to grab one of the drinks they had out.


Ironically, the bride and groom are not drinkers.

There were other ice sculptures to be admired.

And while this wasn’t in the appetizer area, when it was time for the Jewish bride and groom to be raised during the hora, there was a special chair with handles. Never seen that before!

easy access

For dinner it was more food – a three course meal I could barely touch.

The kids had a great time wrestling and dancing.

almost down for the count

Daddy/daughter dance

Ending with the happy bride and groom:

the bride and groom


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