Posted by: Debbie Abrams Kaplan | July 6, 2011

The office

Though Mark’s paychecks have been deposited into our account, and he has official business cards, it sometimes takes seeing the actual office to make it all seem real. So we took a family field trip to his office last weekend. The building is only a year old, and I was quite taken with the modern design. I’ll start first with his office, and then cover the rest of the building.

This is the view from Mark's lab bench

Yes, this is the view from Mark’s lab bench – where he’ll be doing the actual research. The tall white building on the left is the United Nations, and the water is the East River.

Mark standing in front of his lab bench

Not the best quality photo, but basically wanted you to see how close his lab bench is to the great big picture window. Like he’s going to get any work done there!

hide and seek

The kids were more impressed with the underside of the lab benches, and all the crawl spaces. Since there’s not much stuff there yet, it’s easy to get around.

Processing 9-11 body parts

On a more somber note, this tent is where the city is still going through body parts (or fragments) from those who died in NYC on 9-11. This is just outside of Mark’s window, and is a sad reminder of what the city went through, and what the families are still waiting for.

colorful halls

The lab space is painted with cheery colors.

Daddy's desk

Another window. Looks like a great office until you see how he has to share it with 5 others. So much for privacy! This office is jumping full into the collaborative culture, with the entire group sharing an office space.

Mark holds court

While the kids were busy raising and lowering the chairs, spinning in circles and playing with the arm rests (much to the chagrin of Mark’s coworkers who came back to work to maladjusted chairs), Mark tells some story I didn’t listen to (sorry honey!).

future barista

Obviously the best part of the office tour – Dori and Zack got to make everyone cappuccino, hot chocolate or coffee. Now we’re going to head to downstairs.

Furniture meets art

The lobby has two sets of these fabulous…couches? Not sure what to call them. Depending on where you sat, it was comfortable…or not. But they were stunning. And you can crawl through them. Just ask Zack.

Modern musings

This is the second floor – a conference space with seating for receptions, and a huge auditorium which we didn’t get to see. The round things on the right are hanging chairs that swing (just ask Zack). All we know is that he didn’t break them. Phew!

Dori and the art

This is behind one of the reception desks on the 2nd floor. There was some hanging art, and behind that is a porous wall painted silver (I think), covered in glass.

hallway encounters

I loved the lighting in the conference floor hallways. The same lighting was used by the elevator doors. The right wall is the same material as in the previous picture – a silver or grey porous wall covered in glass.

I just liked this picture – the sunflowers were part of a display at the reception desk.

have a seat

These tables and chairs were outside the building, in front of the sandwich shop. Though the chairs are different, they reminded me of the scene at the University of Wisconsin, Madison’s  Union Terrace.

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