Posted by: Debbie Abrams Kaplan | July 25, 2011

Appetizing Department

When I was grocery shopping, I came upon this sign at the deli/salad counter. I thought it was so bizarre, I took a picture.

I wondered what an  “appetizing associate” was – and though maybe it was some kind of stupid mistake. So I posted on Facebook (you can friend me if I know you, and I’ll say yes).

And I got several responses from East Coasters who said this is a common term in grocery store delis – especially Jewish ones. My friend Hilary said an appetizing associate is, “someone who works at the appetizing counter of a deli/gourmet store.” For helping out so quickly, I’ll promote Hilary’s book on Maine here. Alyson added, “the deli counter used to be called “Appetizing,” especially in the more Jewish supermarkets (Waldbaums, Daitsch, etc.).” And then Angela said, “When I first moved here, it took me awhile to figure out what the “appy department” in the grocery store.”

I did a little google search – you can find a job as an Appetizing Manager. I want that title on my resume! And here’s more of a historic view on eGullet. I’m guessing that my New Jersey family and my mother-in-law will have some history to add as well.


  1. Interesting, Debbie! Am forwarding to a friend who writes a food blog!

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