Posted by: Debbie Abrams Kaplan | July 29, 2011

The Garden

I decided that what’s even better than eating from our garden is taking pictures of the garden. Of course if we had more vegetables, I might be thinking differently. The tomato plants are growing well and the animals are avoiding them. I harvested my first eggplant – it was delicious. And there are several more coming behind it. Otherwise, we have maybe 3 green beans and two peppers which are still on the branch. The basil is holding steady as are the onions (I think, because they’re underground and I don’t know what they’re looking like). The mint is growing, though the enormous squash plant is dying, and the cucumber plant is always flowering but nothing is growing. So here goes:

baby eggplants

This one was taken a few days later than the other baby eggplant photo. They grow quickly.

I don't know what this pepper will taste like, but it's much bigger now than in this photo.

my magic bean. There are a few more like it, but not many.

I thought this would turn into an English cucumber, but it hasn't. The plant isn't doing much more than flowering and teasing me.

used for pesto and tomato soup so far.

Here's the eggplant a few weeks before I picked it.



  1. Looks good, Debbie, you Garden-Stater! For future consideration, try Mel Bartholomew’s Square Foot Gardening system. I tried it this year and I’m AMAZED at the results–my garden looks like it’s on steroids! I’ll send you pics if you want. I gave up on the upside-down tomato and strawberry thing this year–good riddance!

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