Posted by: Debbie Abrams Kaplan | August 29, 2011

Downtown post hurricane

The kids and I took a bike ride downtown to see how it looked. Fortunately it looked nothing like downtown Cranford – we had no water in sight. Most businesses were closed due to lack of power. A few (non-food/dining) stores were open. Nothing like shopping at Esprit and buying makeup at Blue Mercury post hurricane!

Cool Vines sign

This was our favorite sign, at Cool Vines wine shop

The trains are not running today – though it should be up Tuesday. The sight of train station parking lot, usually packed on a weekday, was a sight to behold.

The nearly empty train parking lot

the far side of the train station parking lot

Of course you COULD take the bus, and park in the same lot. The buses were on a modified holiday schedule. Mark drove in with a friend from town and said getting into NYC was fine this morning. That said, he’s working from home tomorrow.

We saw a lot of police officers and cars, rerouted traffic and yellow caution tape.

Crumbs had no cupcakes in the store. Maybe the employees got to eat all the extras at closing.

The glass was intact at our favorite Italian (and kosher) Italian bakery in town. We spied some cookies inside, but no refrigerated cakes.

One store made it quite obvious they were open for business. Backpacks anyone? I actually need a suitcase repaired, but didn't bring it with me on my bike.

We saw tarps over the doors at several (Gap-owned) stores.

We would have stopped for a treat, but Cold Stone (Starbucks, Ritas, the Chocolate Shop and Bovellas) weren't open. Two-day-old liquid ice cream doesn't taste so good anyway.

My dad encouraged us to use sandbags at our house. We didn't listen, but fortunately the Children's Place did.

We saw some lights on at Starbucks, but I guess employees didn't know the power was back on. Many sad people peering in the window. No place to get coffee downtown. By this point, the kids weren't getting a treat anyway - too much fighting.


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