Posted by: Debbie Abrams Kaplan | August 31, 2011

A Flooded House

I toured my friends’ house yesterday, after the water receded and the clean up begun. Unfortunately I don’t a photo to show you of what the exterior looked like before (I couldn’t get it off Facebook without including personal information). Suffice it to say, the water covered half the play structure, and it was almost up to the top of the fence. The water engulfed the entire basement, and went one foot into the living area. Here’s a video of the general area not quite at the peak of the flood.

Driving around Cranford, the scene (depending on the street) was similar. It looked like bulk pick-up day, only everything was dirty and had been sitting in dirty water for a long period of time. On my friends’ street, which was hit particularly hard (it’s next to a river which rose 11 feet and flowed through town), neighbors sat outside on their lawn with their belongings strewn about. Like a massive garage sale.

Some garage and basement items awaiting trash pick-up

the tree/bush was not toilet papered - it's garbage.

the water came near the top of this fence. The clothes on there are not drying out - they were washed there by the flood. They are not my friends' clothes, either. The fence to the right (missing) was washed away, along with a plastic playhouse that had been tied to it.

garbage and random toys stuck to the fence

another view of the missing fence. The river is just ahead, behind those trees, and has receded quite a bit.

The play structure is now falling apart. The water came halfway up the structure. There is a random log under the roof.

Our friends are now proud owners of a full size basketball net, which floated to their house from...somewhere. It's hard to see, but it's to the left of the fence - black base, resting on the ground.

This black, heavy wooden bookcase was once standing. Then floating.

This room hasn't been touched yet. The water reached the basement ceiling.

Time for a new basement washer/dryer. Insurance would cover these if they weren't in the basement. Flood insurance only covers the structure, not the contents or any finishings.

Damage in the basement ceiling.

The basement office

The basement office printer - can you find it? It's there.

Garage items. The white overturned steps in the back right, led from the garage interior to the basement. The steps were found floating on the other side of the garage.

The neighbor's tree fell partially across the street. Fortunately no one was there at the time.

A close-up of the stuff being tossed.


  1. Glad to hear Chez Kaplan did not suffer too similar a fate.

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