Posted by: Debbie Abrams Kaplan | September 14, 2011

Walk your Child to School Day

It’s almost time for our town’s Walk your Child to School Day. This is the one day a year when school families feel proud about walking to school – and then they never do it again (except for us – we’re crazy that way). The kids brought a form home that they’re supposed to fill out. They can be entered into a raffle. The two winners from the school get a t-shirt that shows that they walked to school one day out of the entire year, and they get special escorts.

Who are these escorts? One is the school principal. The kids don’t particularly want to walk to school with her. The other is a firefighter, police officer or the mayor. Neither kid wants me to turn the form in. They don’t want to win this contest. “The mayor?” Zack said, “that’s just getting out of hand.”

Nothing against the mayor, but my kids aren’t interested in local governance. And they know that their picture might appear in the local paper if they win. They’ve had enough national media exposure for the year. They’ve even had enough local media exposure.

I’m going to hold onto these forms. To use as blackmail. Behave…or I turn in the form. I love being a parent.


  1. I saw a police officer escorting some guy down the street last week, only the guy was wearing handcuffs and I don’t think they were headed ro

  2. […] is the poor kid who lost won the walk to school contest. He got his picture in the local paper, and he got to walk with a local celebrity politician who is […]

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