Posted by: Debbie Abrams Kaplan | September 22, 2011

Reading Mice

My neighbor brought over a box of books for me to sort and give away (I had a few places in mind). It sat in the house for a few days before I had time to go through it.

Part way through I saw some stuffing and shredded paper. Huh.

Mom and baby #1

Plus babies! This was the BEST day of Dori’s life. Until she found out we wouldn’t let her keep them as pets.

Mark, the mouse expert (no really, he is – just ask him about mouse plugs and how to kill a mouse with just one neck snap) said the babies (all 4 of them) were between 1-2 weeks old. No fur yet, eyes still shut.

Instead of letting them go free in our back yard, where Mom would just end up in our house in the snap trap (we had three dead ones in one week in our basement), we set them loose a few miles away. Mark the mouse expert said that if the mom was gone, the babies would die. To humanely kill the babies, you’d have to chop their heads off, because their lungs weren’t mature enough yet for carbon dioxide. You learn these things when married to a scientist. Yeah, we didn’t tell that to Dori.

We went to the park to hide the babies in a tree trunk. Mom hopped out of the bin as soon as she could and took off. We hope she came back to feed her babies. Mark and Dori went to check on them a week later, and it looked like the nest was still there, with the mice burrowing down. Either that, or the raccoons got them.


  1. What a sweet story, I’m just glad you made the discovery rather them us! Thanks for being such good stalwarts.

  2. Lions and tigers and mice, oh my!

  3. Interesting story. Tell Dori we had two mice in our kitchen living behind the dishwasher. Mom noticed the droppings under the sink. So we set our trap and whamo; caught two mice – dead of course.

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