Posted by: Debbie Abrams Kaplan | September 30, 2011

The garden – end of season

Another year, another garden. Not the most successful year. I spent about $100 in gadening supplies and plants this year – restocking after the slugfest that decimated the first round. I got about $10 worth of organic vegetables. The new positioning of the tomato plants meant I had about a pint (total over the summer) of delicious grape tomatoes. Three plants and three planters, plus cages = about one pint of grape tomatoes, and handful of slightly larger ones (half of them not bug-eaten).

Of my three pepper plants, I got three awesome peppers – one green one that turned yellow and then red after picked. Then a beautiful “big daddy” pepper which was delicious. And a purple one we haven’t eaten yet.

There were an assortment of larger tomatoes and green beans.

The eggplants were a score.

The English cucumber finally started growing, providing one bizarre looking yellow squash thing that was eaten by something (not me) a week later.

Now just a pile of seeds…

The other English cucumbers looked like spiky mini penises. Very bizarre.

Next year? I may try my square foot gardening, which worked for my friend Michelle.


  1. I’m STILL getting great stuff from our square foot garden! 🙂

  2. you certainly had success with the eggplants!

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