Posted by: Debbie Abrams Kaplan | November 17, 2011

Local Paper

I love, love, love the local papers. Such a source of entertainment!


Recent Letter to the Editor: “I was thinking about the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem, where people insert prayer lists in the crevices between the rocks. Wouldn’t it be great if Temple Beth-El in Cranford had a miniature version of the Wailing Wall, about 5 feet high and 10 feet long, on the temple’s front lawn or next to the temple’s parking lot, where people could insert their prayer lists in crevices between the rocks. Even though I’m Catholic, I’m also 1/16th Jewish, and I think it would be a great idea if we Cranford residents of all faiths had our own miniature version of Jerusalem’s Waliling Wall, where we could insert our prayer lists in crevices between the stones.”

Recent Letter to the Editor headline: Let’s make Westfield Officially a Safe-driving Town for Deer, Humans


Just because you’re rich doesn’t mean you’re smart. Thank you to reader Stacie for submitting this one from a local NJ paper:

“A Fairfield Terrace resident reported the morning of Nov. 13 two unlocked vehicles, a Mercedes Benz and a Jaguar, were missing from the driveway. Inside the vehicle were not only the car keys, but the valet keys, according to police. Along with the cars, the owner also reportedly lost a wallet containing a driver’s license, social security card and miscellaneous credit cards.”


Yes, Sandusky is bad. But we have a different version of coach here. “A youth basketball coach was charged with assault after allegedly punching a 17 year old girl twice during an altercation on a West Orange street last month.” Two girls were trying to cross the street and they yelled at him while he was in his car, because they thought it would hit them (ed: I’ve done that before). He reportedly yelled at them: “I will beat your ass” and then punched one girl in the nose, trying to hit her in the face after. Fortunately one girl got a cell phone picture of the license plate.

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