Posted by: Debbie Abrams Kaplan | December 19, 2011


Wrestling is the weirdest sport. They wear these god-awful uniforms (singlets), dorky headgear, and they roll around with members of the same sex (i.e. it’s homoerotic).

Sometimes their starting position is this:

This is apparently called "the referee's position"

They take turns in this position. I could say what I think it looks like, but I think it’s obvious.

Needless to say, my son is wrestling this season. We figured he’s always wrestling his friends anyway, he should just learn the proper way to do it. He has a saint of a coach who has to corral 39 boys twice a week for 90 minutes into learning about wrestling (versus just attacking each other on the sidelines). And then organize different drills to keep them from climbing the padded walls. And to build some muscle in their spindly arms. Then he has to organize matches, where he and the other coaches pair the kids up based on ability and weight. And he’ a volunteer. (No, he doesn’t shower with them).

We went to our first meet, with what appeared to be 4 teams. Who could tell? Most of the boys were wearing blue and there were boys running around everywhere. They had 5 matches going on at once, each with a volunteer coach screaming instructions at them while they rolled around. Yes, that means 10 men screaming at the same time, in a relatively small gym with acoustics that amplified the sound. Usually those instructions were “stand up!” And then teammates were screaming from the sidelines. Did I mention it was really loud? And that I didn’t bring ear plugs? And that I couldn’t hear Dori talking next to me? Which wasn’t necessarily a bad thing, because usually she was making fun of her brother.

the picture doesn't make it look as loud or chaotic as it actually was

The 5 simultaneous matches were on the same mat where the kids were sitting and waiting for their turns. Frequently the boys would crash into another wrestling duo, or roll into the group of boys who were on the sidelines.

The boys all look the same (except you can tell the skinny ones from the fat ones).¬†Zachary is so skinny it looked like his legs were going to break like twigs. And he’s not very good (kind of like Greg in this scene from Diary of a Wimpy Kid). But he’s having fun.


  1. Wow, wrestling and cotillion. You’re really covering the spectrums!

  2. Love this! Thanks for posting!

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