Posted by: Debbie Abrams Kaplan | January 22, 2012

Crazy News from New Jersey

The newspapers are (again) piling up on my floor, awaiting input into my blog. So here goes.


For fun, a NJ guy created a map which lets you know at a glance, who lives in which areas of the Garden State. For example, he notes that Camden is “worse than Detroit” and that the area near there (Moorestown, Pine Hill…) is made of “Happy White Families.” Though there is a pocket inside there made up of “Huge Houses and Country Clubs.” Hoboken? “Hipsters.” Keansburg and Atlantic Highlands – “Where They Filmed Clerks.” Those residing along the Jersey Shore from Long Beach to a bit past Seaside Heights (you know, of Snooki fame), is “Working Class People and Beach Houses – Springsteen Country.” If you live in Jersey City or Bayonne, you’re part of “Poor Minorities.” And if you live in the South (Salem, Cumberland Gloucester counties), you live in “Pretty Much Alabama.”

Not surprisingly, many have taken offense at the characterizations. Anyone with ties to New Jersey, though, will want to look at the map. It’s meant to be a joke and tongue-in-cheek, the creator said to the Star Ledger. And it’s pretty funny.


I’ve blogged before about the crazy intersections and exchanges in New Jersey. Click this link to see an overview of the Newark Airport intersection. For those who have visited and have to remain silent as I navigate to/from it for the first 10 minutes, now you’ll know why.

More news from NJ:

Six clerks at the Motor Vehicle Commission were charged with conspiring to sell fraudulent licenses to those who didn’t have the proper ID. They sold them for $2,500-7,000 each.

-A Newark community advocate was carjacked in November (and rendered unconscious for two days), and was told he’d have to pay $842 to get his car back (a month later, because apparently the car was then used to commit a crime). Mayor Cory Booker tweeted that the city credited him his money back and that it was a horrible mistake. Only that didn’t happen. 

-If you really, really, really wanted a bigger penis, would you get an enlargement from this woman? She’s alleged to have given a 22 year old father of 2 a silicone injection to make his member larger. He died of a blood clot (the silicone was injected into his blood stream). Here’s the shocking news: the woman is not licensed to practice medicine.

-More Newark news. Every year, the city published a list of citizens, businesses and nonprofits that didn’t pay their property taxes on time. Usually this list is 3-4 pages in the Star Ledger. But this time it was 36 pages and cost $72,000. Even Cory Booker was on the list for owing $2,820. The catch? City officials changed its property tax deadline from December to November, but didn’t inform taxpayers until November 22, saying they had to have paid their tax by November 19th, or their property would be put on lien. Oops! That didn’t cause any panic or problems.

-The town of Roselle is thinking of turning their town hall into a restaurant. Because the community needs the money.

-In Piscataway, a 22 year veteran of the police department plead guilty of stealing cocaine from the department’s evidence vault for personal use.


  1. That’s some crazy news! Can’t wait to check out the crazy map!

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