Posted by: Debbie Abrams Kaplan | February 3, 2012

New Jersey by the Numbers

New Jersey – by the numbers!


Lest you think I always make fun of New Jersey, the Foundation for Child Development said it’s the best state in the country to raise children.


New Jersey is the worst-taxed state overall for the second year in a row. Here were the bottom five states on the Tax Foundation’s list:

• 46. Rhode Island – • 47. Vermont – • 48. California – • 49. New York  • 50. New Jersey

New Jersey ranked as 3rd worst in income tax, 13th worst in corporate tax, 5th worst in sales tax, and 2nd worst in property tax

Do you like pumping gas? People in New Jersey do. NJ and Oregon are the only two states in the union that have full-service stations as the norm (I’ve been told it’s illegal to pump your own gas here). 63% of NJ residents support it, 23% oppose, and 14% don’t know. Of course every week in our paper’s police blotter are the people who tear away from the gas station without paying for their gas. While at gas stations in many other parts of the country, you have to pay BEFORE you pump. Here you usually don’t have to. And you get a discount for paying with cash at most stations.


New Jersey is the 49th lease fluoridated state – only behind Hawaii. Only about 1 in 8 New Jersey residents have access to water with fluoride (the rest of us give our kids fluoride pills).

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