Posted by: Debbie Abrams Kaplan | March 1, 2012

The Sloppy Joe

I was confused the first time someone showed me the deli tray of Sloppy Joe sandwiches at the Superbowl party.

When I hear “Sloppy Joe” this is what I expect:

The sandwiches on the deli tray are what we (who eat at Miracle Mile deli in Phoenix) call a New Yorker. And order it with turkey (instead of pastrami) and you have yourself a Turkey New Yorker.

Well apparently in New Jersey, what you have is a Sloppy Joe: meat on sourdough rye, with Swiss cheese, Russian dressing and cole slaw.



  1. In my elementary school in suburban Philadelphia, a sloppy joe was a ground beef and sauce combo served on a soft hamburger bun. It’s definitely not a deli sandwich. Those crazy Jerseyites!

  2. It sent me into culture shock too, when I moved her from CA!

  3. […] “We had delicious watermelon with our sloppy joes (normal kind, not Jersey kind). The sloppy joe’s were a little sweet though so they tasted […]

  4. […] gobbled down some New Jersey sloppy Joe’s at one booth, that also had chocolate dipped pretzels and chocolate covered strawberries. Those […]

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