Posted by: Debbie Abrams Kaplan | March 16, 2012

New Jersey Couture – Rrrrarrr!

If you wonder where the New Jersey reality show stars shop, I found out: Target.

By the way, these are skinny jeans. I should have bought them to wear at my school’s fundraiser last night. It was a fashion show (and tricky tray and 50/50, and dinner and dancing). The theme was Jaguars on the Catwalk (appropriate since our mascot is a jaguar). We were to come dressed in black, or in animal print. And people took it seriously. I could not believe how many women at our school own animal print clothing. Leggings, shirts, dresses, shoes, watch bands, scarves, you name it. I was surrounded by Jersey Couture. Or just Jersey. I wanted to take more pictures of the clothes, but didn’t want to look like a freak.

The one below is actually my dress. Yes, animal print I bought a year ago – on sale at Ann Taylor.

The raffle baskets had animal print ribbon too. Here’s a Jersey basket for ‘ya.

I didn’t enter to win that one, but I did win two awesome items – an indulgence basket (with a manicure certificate Dori wants, Dove chocolate items Dori wants, a bunch of fabulous Mary Kay products that Dori wants, soft socks which Dori wants, and some soy candles), and a 2 week CSA (fruits/veggies) subscription to Alan’s Orchard (featured in my famous Good Morning America segment). And I’ll avoid the wait list to continue with the program (I’m on the wait list now – it’s almost as long as the waiting list for the pool).

Since it was an all-women event, the dance floor felt like either a combination of a sorority house/lesbian affair, or an orthodox Jewish event with women dressed inappropriately. After a night out on the dance floor with sangria and wine, I told the moms at my table that we’re going to have to go clubbing next Thursday night too. If you know any Jersey clubs good for moms of 3rd graders who rock animal print, let me know. We’re there.


  1. It’s reaffirming to know so many other Jersey women are in touch with their wild side. 😉

  2. Apparently I need to quit my day job and join the Mob

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