Posted by: Debbie Abrams Kaplan | May 2, 2012

Thank you Hoffmann La Roche

We’d like to officially thank Roche for paying Mark not to work for them. Here’s what we did with that money:

Scroll down to the bottom for the before pictures.



  1. love the tile work especially! Enjoy.

  2. It must be the California taste. I have the same cabinets and very similar glass tiles ( also thank you Roche)


  3. It’s absolutely beautiful!! Great job! Enjoy it

    Laurie Kennedy

  4. Absolutely lovely. I’m especially taken by that pull-out spice rack and the beautiful tile work. Can I get Roche not to hire me?

  5. Looks great! Great planning for that $$$

  6. Congrats! Beautiful!

  7. How many other companies can I convince to pay me to not work for them? This could be a lucrative career change….

  8. Wow Deb, that looks great! Your backsplash looks like ours ;). You deserve something nice after the way Roche treated you!

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