Posted by: Debbie Abrams Kaplan | June 17, 2012

The Garden – it Lives!!

You saw the square foot garden that I planted on Mother’s Day. I’ve spent very little time on it since then, because it’s been raining here. A lot. But things are growing and the animals have stayed away.

I figure by September we should have at least one vegetable. I thought about cooking up these squash blossoms, but I have so many vegetables from our CSA “fresh box” (we’re currently 3 weeks behind and the lettuce/kale in the fridge is actually having babies) that I can’t bother to cook up one more thing that’s going to sit in the refrigerator uneaten.

eggplant coming soon.


one of three mint plants

The tomatoes are growing as well.

The one in the middle looks solid, but not growing as I thought it should. However when I looked into the middle of it, I found this:

Most of the flowers in the planters are dying, thanks to the squirrels that dig them up. However this plant is going crazy and growing really big. Any idea what it is? I didn’t save the tag.



  1. hmm, cooked squash blossoms. That’s a new one to me. I might have to try that! I’ll pass that on to my gardener husband!

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