Posted by: Debbie Abrams Kaplan | July 23, 2012

Off to camp

The kids went off to camp today – for 3 and a half weeks!

While checking online for last minute information (where do I send them mail? where do they get the camp bus?) I ran across the part that said they’re not allowed to bring their luggage on the bus. WHAT???? I know plenty of people who have a luggage service pick up their camp luggage and deliver it to camp, and then it’s returned a few days after camp is over. But I thought that was voluntary. I have memories of lugging my trunk to the bus for camp, and having the counselor help me lug it to the cabin. No longer, apparently. We were told no luggage was allowed, so I’d either have to sign up for shipping, or drive it there myself.

Mind you it was last Wednesday, and the kids left for camp today (Monday). I panicked, because I did not want to drive 2 hours each way just to drive their luggage to camp. Fortunately for me, the luggage transportation company was doing its pickup for my area of New Jersey on Friday – everywhere else in NJ, NY and PA was on Wednesday or Thursday, and I would have been screwed. Late sign-ups were allowed, for an extra $20/kid (in case you’re wondering, for 2 bags it costs $130 to ship roundtrip, excluding late fee, per child). Most of the packing was already done, but it did kick me into high gear, with a slew of errands, additional laundry and labeling. Got it done – baggage picked up.

It did make for a more relaxing weekend. On Sunday we had our farewell dinner. Foofy alcoholic drinks for the adults, and home-made Shirley Temples and pineapple juice for the kids.


I had an ordeal figuring out to enter Route 10 onto the GPS system today, to get the kids to the bus in another town. My Garmin doesn’t like state highways, and doesn’t make it easy to find them. Finally, after trying  Route 10, US Route 10, State Route 10, and New Jersey Route 10, one of them worked. Can’t recall which. I wore my sunglasses to say goodbye, partly because it was sunny, and partly because I didn’t want the kids to see my tears.

And then we saw these people bringing their damn luggage to put on the bus. And the bus driver just opened up all the containers and helped them put the luggage on. Why did I bother paying to ship the luggage?

Zack started to get on the bus without even saying goodbye. He gave a half-hearted hug and kiss and trudged on, without looking back. Dori gave me a good hug – I know she was a little emotional too, but I managed not to wipe my eyes in front of her.


  1. Who is that girl who looks like Dori, only taller?
    And how will you possibly fill your time without the kids? If you’re lonely, come visit!

  2. I take it those celebratory cocktails will be a regular occurrence for the next 3 1/2 weeks?

  3. Wow Deb, Dori has gotten so tall!! and so adorable.Hope you are all having a great summer. Enjoy!!

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