Posted by: Debbie Abrams Kaplan | July 24, 2012

Dear Child of Mine

Dear Child of Mine at Overnight Camp:

When you saw those moms high-fiving each other as the camp bus pulled away, please know that none of them were me. I knew no one there, so I had to high five myself in the privacy of the car after the bus made it out of the parking lot. I didn’t want to embarrass myself.

I was glad the camp posted photos of you last night, because I still hadn’t downloaded the pictures I took of you before you got on the bus at noon. I almost forgot what you looked like. And I’m impressed that they thought to take pictures AFTER the pizza lunch – you were smiling! And you hadn’t yet lost your backpack. At least it’s labeled. Did they confiscate all the candy and snacks I sent with you to make you popular in the cabin?

I really missed making dinner for you. The chicken nuggets are getting freezer burn. Here’s what your dad and I had for dinner last night:

To console myself, I did your laundry and washed your sheets. I even folded them. The clothes are all on your dresser for you to put away when you get home. I left your sheets in a lump on your bed – you can make it when you get home as well. Hopefully the bus won’t arrive back here too late at night.

And I checked your email account. Your friend Lisa said “LMFAO – thx 4 the pix.” Thought you’d want to know that. It seemed kind of important.

I got a new writing assignment yesterday! It pays $400, enough to cover 1.25 days of camp for you both. So I’m off to pitch some story ideas to my editors right now. Plus I’m selling all your Hot Wheels and Littlest Pet Shop toys. That should bring in some cash.

Don’t forget to sunblock! And change your underwear.

Love, Mom

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