Posted by: Debbie Abrams Kaplan | July 25, 2012

Dear Camp Director

Dear American Airlines Camp Director:

My plan was to send the kids’ luggage on the bus. With them. But no, camp rules are that luggage must be sent up via delivery service, or driven to camp. No luggage on the bus.

So I really appreciate getting that phone call on DAY THREE that you can’t find my son’s second bag (that I had to spend $150 to send). Here’s what it looks like:

It looks just like the ones on the left, only with blue piping. Oh – it has yellow ribbons attached to the handles (thanks for those, Dad!). And a LUGGAGE TAG with his name on it. And every single f*(#*@ing item in there has his name on it.

What’s inside? Aside from his pillow, all his shorts, pants, sweatshirts, shoes, underwear, socks and non-camp logo t-shirts (those were in the other duffle), his games/notebooks, and his brand new Harry Potter book. Which is what he misses the most. It’s possible his shampoo, PJs and swimsuits are in there too. I’m sure he appreciates the loaner socks you gave him. By the way, his poop medicine is all in there too, which means if it takes him 5 days to poop and it stops up your toilet system, tough shit.

And those hives he now has? Maybe it’s from wearing the same shorts three days in a row. And someone else’s socks.




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