Posted by: Debbie Abrams Kaplan | July 30, 2012

Dear Child of Mine – Week 2

Dear Child of Mine:

I hope you’re having a better week at camp. Those sunburns can be nasty when you don’t put on your sunblock.

Your father and I are fine, and think of you often. For dinner this past week, we went through our entire CSA Fresh Box for the first time ever. I know how much you hate vegetables. We didn’t want Fresh Box food to go bad, so we made sure to eat it all in four days. We got stomachaches from all the green leafy vegetables. But it was worth it, because we’re now healthy.

Since I haven’t gone grocery shopping since you left (and have no plans to), and we ate all the vegetables, we have very little food left in the house. Don’t worry, we won’t eat your frost-bitten chicken nuggets.

We got so hungry we broke into the leftover Halloween and Valentine’s Day candy you were saving. You don’t mind, right? I know you were saving it for a special occasion, but I thinks this counts.

I checked your email account for your again. Your friend Brittany said she got her period for the first time! I wrote her back to let her know you were at camp and you’d respond when you returned, and I was sure you’d be very excited to hear that news. I’m sure she appreciated that.

While you’ve been gone, I’ve spent a lot of time at the gym getting in shape. I now qualify for not only the U.S. weightlifting  team, but for the New York City marathon! I never realized how easy it is to get in shape when you have all the time in the world. Speaking of getting in shape, did you know the  Olympics started? Your dad already set the TIVO for all the women’s beach volleyball games, and I’m set for men’s swimming and gymnastics. I’ll have to take my Vitamin D supplements during the Olympics, because I don’t plan to leave the house at all. Which reminds me, I will probably dig into your Easter candy and the remaining ice cream too.

That’s all the news from here.

Don’t forget to send a letter to your grandparents – Cousin Janet reminded me that this is important. If you lost your addressed/stamped envelopes, just ask one of your bunkmates for one of theirs. It doesn’t really matter WHOSE grandparent you send a letter to, as long as some old person gets it. They won’t be able to read your handwriting anyway.

Love, Mom


  1. You and American Pie’s Eugene Levy, twins separated at birth!

  2. OMG I am loving these letters to the kids. Please send them often – and keep them in camp all summer. This is great entertainment!

  3. “It doesn’t really matter WHOSE grandparent you send a letter to, as long as some old person gets it.” LOL! Funny stuffi, Debbie! I have a “letter from home” post I think you’ll appreciate. I’m going to re-post it in the next week or two so keep an eye out!

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