Posted by: Debbie Abrams Kaplan | August 6, 2012

Dear Child of Mine – Week 3

Dear Child of Mine – I’ve enjoyed seeing the photos of you on the camp website. Have you sent any of your clothes to the laundry yet? You’re wearing the same t-shirt each day, and it’s getting progressively browner. And I’m sure it was an accident, but I saw you kicking your brother in the background of one of the photos. You’re not supposed to do that, you know?

I see from the photos (certainly not from letters, since I’ve gotten only one of those) that you’re making lots of art. Don’t worry if it doesn’t all fit into your trunk on the way home. Whatever doesn’t fit, feel free to just throw out. I still have plenty of your crap art from school.

Sorry to hear about the lice. That sucks! Make sure the nurse gets it all before you get home.

As promised, I’ve been watching the Olympics 24/7. Your dad gave up because of the bad weather in London – the beach volleyball players actually had to wear clothes.

Dad and I spent a weekend away. It was exciting to sleep in a bedroom with a functioning lock!

Your favorite stuffed animal went on a hunger strike until you return. I’ve tried reasoning with her, but she just refuses to eat. Speaking of refusing to eat, your fish are doing just fine. Did you know that if you forget to feed them for a week, and don’t change their tank for 2 weeks, they’ll be okay? You are missing a few – they cannibalized each other, but we  can just get you new ones when you return. The tank was a little green, so it was hard to find the remaining fish when I cleaned it out. I did manage to scoop them out of the sink before they went down the drain. Phew!

Speaking of refusing to eat (again), I still haven’t made it to the grocery store, so I polished off those frost-bitten chicken nuggets. They weren’t so bad once I microwaved them, reconstituted them in water, and then doused them in catsup.

I can’t believe I’ve gone almost 2 weeks without yelling at anyone. It feels so foreign! I realized I’m actually a nice person. But I was getting out of practice, so I yelled at the grocery store clerk and one of my clients, and then I felt better. Of course my client won’t return my calls now.

The new Diary of a Wimpy Kid movie came out. I already went to see it, so now you won’t have to. I know you said you really wanted to go, but I’m sure you won’t mind waiting until it comes out on video.

Got to run – the mailman is coming!

Love, Mom

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