Posted by: Debbie Abrams Kaplan | September 12, 2012

My Garden

I know you’ve all been dying to know how my garden grows.  The answer: very slooooooowwwwwwly. In fact I think I’ll join the slow food movement.

I finally got a few vegetables. The tomatoes (save 2) were eaten by some animal and the plants barely grew anyway. So here’s what I got:


I know that looks like a lot, but that’s the entire summer haul so far (though I harvested one more banana pepper this week). I did have basil, mint and orgegano as well, though sadly my rosemary (which grew uncontrollably in my San Francisco back yard) is about the same size as when I planted it. Good news: unless some animal or bug eats the bell peppers, these are on the stem still, as is one other type of pepper (I lost the tag).

Can you see that weird yellow squash ball below the pepper? I got three of those. They’re small, round and very spiky. Not sure what they are, but I didn’t intend to plant vegetables that would hurt me. I thought they were supposed to be long yellow squash. That’s what the tag said. I did make stuffed cheese squash blossoms twice. They were good, as is just about anything fried with cheese.

It’s a good thing we have local farmers and grocery stores because if I had to grow my own food, we’d be eating each other. In fact, I’d probably be the first one to go.



  1. It might not have been prolific, but what you got looks good!

  2. So much for the square foot gardening system!!

  3. I know you didn’t ask but I was told that a good, healthy bug prevention is to spray liquid soap mixed with water on the vegetables/fruit. It supposedly won’t harm the human eater but fends off most (non human) pests.

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