Posted by: Debbie Abrams Kaplan | September 15, 2012

More corruption in the Garden State

I got a little sick of writing about NJ politician corruption – there’s so much of it here.

But this week three different corruption stories his the paper.

The Trenton mayor was arrested, with accusations of extorting more than $100,000. The Robin Hood type scheme, where the mayor allegedly accepted 7 bribe payments as “good corruption” (according to his front man) with the idea of padding his pocket a little while helping others. Uh huh.

You MUST click on this link and take a look at this man. He’s the former Bergen County Department of Public Works superintendent, who pleaded guilty to a charge of conspiracy to commit official misconduct. The allegations? He had employees perform chores at his house (landscaping, working on his pool, snake a toilet, clean the garage). He had them campaign for democratic candidates on work time. And then there’s the payroll padding scheme that cost the county $300,000 paid out for fake jobs. Three “no show” workers were making a nice salary for doing nothing.

In Toms River, the former school superintendent just got 11 years in prison for extorting $2 million in kickbacks from insurance brokers and inflating insurance contracts over 8 years. He was also hit for tax evasion (yeah, it’s hard to report $2 million of illegal money).

This article has a list of other high powered corruption in New Jersey in recent years.

It’s a wonder our taxes are so high.

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