Posted by: Debbie Abrams Kaplan | October 30, 2012

Hurricane Sandy – the aftermath – day 2

It’s been a ride waiting out (and going through) Hurricane Sandy. It’s times like this that Twitter and Facebook are so helpful, even more so than television. I could stay on top of what was happening throughout the region watching updates from friends, colleagues, reporters and government agencies.  There’s so much to say but it feels like it’s already been said. We personally have no disaster stories to report (thankfully). Our hearts go out to those heavily impacted, whether it was losing 50+ houses by fire, houses on the shore floating in water, the Atlantic City boardwalk floating away, the facade falling off a NYC building and exposing the interior, the Seaside amusement park falling apart, the Seaside amusement park rides floating into the ocean, Laguardia airport, Central Park CLOSED, generator gas lines, the photos go on and on.

Seeing photos of parts of New York City under water is eye opening. Having all the major transportation closed is eye opening. This is the worst that the NYC subways have ever seen. New Jersey Transit trains are having major setbacks because some rail lines have water damage. Mark’s Manhattan office building is closed this week (maybe it will open before Friday), because it’s not high on the priority list for power. They have a back-up generator, but it doesn’t cover everything. And no power until the basement parking garage is pumped out. Now it’s full of water and cars are literally floating around.

Halloween trick-or-treating was postponed by our police department. It reminds me a lot of last year, because after the F*&^tober storm, the power came on at the end of our trick-or-treating, which was scarier than usual because of the downed trees. Much like this year.

We took a walk around the neighborhood today, to the downtown. Downtown had no power. Many, many in our town are without power, which you can understand when you see the pictures. We’re inland and didn’t have the flooding that New York City and the Jersey shore had – we had downed trees and power lines. So here goes. None of these are our house.

tree fell from their neighbor’s yard

the tree covered their entire lawn

this branch came from halfway up the tree, and is resting on the power line. Fortunately the homeowners did not lose power.

here’s what peeled off the tree

This is the route Dori walks to school. There were at least 3 trees covering the road, numerous blocks roped off. This light pole snapped in half.

tree roots

time for a new fence

another tree down

big root base

downtown near the train station – the light came off the pole and is hanging by a wire

empty train station – no service today

the solar panel fell off the bus stop

downtown is quiet -no power.

the sandbags weren’t really needed – no flooding.

a ghost town

these awnings will need replacing

two trees down


we found roof shingles like these in our yard (these are someone else’s). Trying to figure out where they’re from because we can’t see any gaps on our roof (and fortunately no leaks discovered)

we had to be careful of all the wires around here.

this was a huge tree and was resting on a power line

same tree – here are the roots

a drop in the bucket

and this is why we slept in the basement

Mark and I are very, very tired. We didn’t sleep well for two nights  and look forward to a peaceful, early night sleep. We realize how immensely fortunate we are to have lost nothing, to have power and no flooding. While we’ve reached out to some of our friends with no power, we’re happy to be of help if we can, with shelter, showers, outlets, extra beds. Let us know what we can do to help.

antenna down


  1. Brings back memories of Hurricane Ike in Houston – it looked pretty similar – except no solar panels on bus stops in TX :/ Glad you are ok, and here’s to a quick and speedy recovery for all!

  2. […] post more photos if we go for a walk […]

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