Posted by: Debbie Abrams Kaplan | October 31, 2012

Hurricane Sandy – more thoughts – day 3

It’s weird to see life moving on after Hurricane Sandy- at least elsewhere. Halloween? What are you talking about? Oh yeah, ours is postponed until Monday. That gives us more time to make Zack’s costume (still not done). A group of moms organized a trunk-or-treat at the train station for some fun. But going from trunk to trunk in search of candy sounds depressing to me (not meant to dis those moms, I’m just a bit depressed – I’m sure the kids will be thrilled).

Even though we have power (as part of the 10% in my town who do), we’re surrounded by those who don’t, and I’m reading updates from friends around NJ, PA and NY who also don’t. Our town still has a state of emergency declared today (Halloween). Apparently 50-60% of our county is without power (and 90% of our town). 2.6 million in the Garden State have no power.

School is cancelled through at least Friday.

Given all the reports pre-hurricane, we expected it would be bad. But so bad that work would be shut down for a week? That schools would be closed beyond 2 days? That New Jersey transit would shut down indefinitely? Yeah, didn’t anticipate that.

My writer colleague Cynthia Ramnarace said her Rockaway, NY house is in shambles, but she’s keeping a positive attitude, saying that others know abuse, famine and genocide. She’ll get through this. She has hope.

The Westfield Patch shows some photos of damage, including the tennis court fence blown back (this is where the kids take their social dance class – damage is minor). More photos of Seaside Heights damage – this is the town captured in the Jersey Shore TV show. Some aerial views of Belmar and Avalon from the Governor’s helicopter trip over it. Those in our area who have Jersey Shore houses mostly have them in Long Beach Island. Tons of powerful photos from the Washington Post on Sandy pushing ashore and then the aftermath.

A photo from North Carolina’s Outer Banks, where the road turned to ribbon.

New Jersey state government is closed for the third day (and will be closed tomorrow) as is county/city government. Six are dead in New Jersey from Hurricane Sandy, mostly from trees falling on them, their houses or their cars (with them inside, of course). What a way to go. As of last night, PATH service is closed, the Holland tunnel is closed, Newark and JFK Airports have limited service (Laguardia is closed). NJ Transit (rail and bus) is closed except for one bus line from Newark.

People are getting a bit of cabin fever, but fortunately the weather isn’t all that bad outside – it’s in the 50s with no rain or snow. There are a few stores open in the area, though I have no desire to go out, other than for a walk. We’re well stocked in nonperishables, and if we get desperate for fresh food, we might just cook up the bok choy and spaghetti squash (gag!) that came in the Fresh Box last week (this week’s Fresh Box was cancelled).

I’ll post more photos if we go for a walk later.


  1. still just really really glad you are ok!

  2. Trunk or treat? It sounds like either you get a Snickers or a pachyderm. Just sayin’.

    • Well, it’s no Trick or Treating on Blythe with candy from the Rotary Club, but…

  3. Thanks for the shout out Debbie!

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