Posted by: Debbie Abrams Kaplan | November 5, 2012

Hurricane Sandy – day 8

A week since the storm started. School is still out though Mark went to work today. Where has the last week gone? I seriously don’t know. Several writer friends in NJ and NY are looking for or have found rental housing while they pull their houses back together. Of course the homes most destroyed have a much longer road ahead. Lots still have no power and the weather is getting colder. As for us, no complaints.


Donations being collected for Staten Island, drop off before Tuesday morning at 7 Hamilton Avenue in Cranford: bleach, work gloves, rubber gloves, face masks, work boots, shovels, and toiletries. Diapers and formula.

Lots of items being collected for Union Beach hurricane victims, including nonperishable food, toiletries, clothing, blankets and medications. Drop off at several Westfield locations through November 17. Details here.

Lots of volunteer/contribution opportunities posted on New Jersey Needs Facebook page.

Getting bored at home? Bring the kids to Parti-licious from 10-1 today for free crafts, story time, treats and electronics charging! Consider donating children’s clothes, diapers, wipes, and/or formula. Parti-licious is at 340 North Avenue in Garwood (right by the bowling alley).

And if you missed it, here’s how to help those affected by Sandy.


Saturday Night Live’s press conference with Mayor Bloomberg and Gov. Christie.


Some photos of my town posted by others.

The New Yorker cover photo this week – of Manhattan part black, part white.

If you need a good cry (a happy cry) read about the runners who were supposed to run the NYC Marathon, who instead ran through Staten Island bearing supplies and volunteering. Here’s the NYT story.

If you’d like to see the Star Ledger coverage this past week, complete with photos, use the password FREE here.


No school today. Trick-or-treating postponed indefinitely. The train is running, though no lights at the station. Mark took the bus in today, planning to take the train home. He has power at work but no heat. He’s dressing in layers for an unpleasant day. No shuttle available to/from the train station. Good thing he’s used to walking it.

Power crews from South Jersey making their way up north today. Some power restored over the weekend, but still a ways to go. Last I heard, 5 of 10 schools had power here.


Reports from Bob the weatherman I’ve been following on Facebook (who is quoting says the storm is coming November 7-8th, and winds may be 45-55 mph. Moderate coastal flooding possible, most concerning high tides are Wednesday mid-day and again in evening. It will have greater impact than usual because of Sandy.

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