Posted by: Debbie Abrams Kaplan | November 5, 2012

Photo Essay – Hurricane Sandy day 8

The gas crisis seems to be easing. The lines are much shorter now.

Police officers are controlling traffic into and out of the entrance to the gas stations, and checking license plates to make sure people are coming on the right day. Yes, he’s drinking Dunkin Donuts coffee. Insert joke here.

More gas line signs as we drive down the street. Nice to see the sign WITHOUT the line.

My happy tank.

Downtown is open. And they have coffee!

Stop & Shop is running on generator power, selling nonperishables only.

Do you notice the irony? Every purchase counts toward gas discount.

More empty fridge space at Stop & Shop.

Trader Joe’s was well stocked except for this section (veggies mostly) and bananas. They had plenty of milk, eggs and frozen items.

Time for new canopies.

still trees down everywhere.

Official street closure sign.

Fixing the fence.

Sign down.

The tree was removed from the house. Wondering if this is one of the 10 condemned houses in town.

The bigger picture. The workers are there trimming some of their other big trees.

The street view as we await city-wide debris pick-up. Not much parking.

The sound of generators everywhere. Zack had his piano lesson today at his teacher’s house, powered by generator. I sat in my jacket waiting for him.

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