Posted by: Debbie Abrams Kaplan | November 7, 2012

Hurricane Sandy – day 10

School cancelled for 8th day. That’s about all I can handle for my update today.






  1. So sorry. Send the kiddos over here and I’ll keep them busy. Sending you a virtual bottle of wine. And chocolate.

  2. You have power though! Thanks for your sweet offer. We have a natural gas generator so we are doing just fine – it powers almost the whole house. The neighbors and their 3 boys moved in several days ago, when their house got too cold. The old part of Short Hills is still entirely without power, but a few of us put in the generators after being 8 days without power during last year’s nor’easter and 3ft of water from Irene 2 months before that. I think the electricians are going to be very busy installing generators over the next 6 months.

    Our school opened on a delayed-start basis yesterday. Kind of crazy considering lots of poles/wires still down and trees still blocking many roads.

    When I heard from Mark that you had power, I’d assumed Westfield did ok. I guess your town was hit hard too. I hope school starts soon!

    • We may not be part of the national 1%, but we are part of our town’s 10% who didn’t lose power. Town is back to about 75% power, but the remainder is going slowly. Glad to hear your generator was a good investment!!!

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