Posted by: Debbie Abrams Kaplan | November 8, 2012

Hurricane Sandy – Day 11

It’s a winter wonderland out there. The picture above is Wednesday. Here’s today:

We easily got 4 inches or more

Noreaster Athena arrived (for the record, the Weather Channel is now naming winter storms, (much to the chagrin of the National Weather Service and other meterologists who refuse to play along). Reports were for heavy winds (45-55 mph plus higher gusts), but all afternoon it snowed very peacefully. It felt like late December and was very serene, unless you thought about those at home with no power and some with no more homes.

The town actually plowed in the middle of the night (it looked that way, but I couldn’t be sure until a friend posted on Facebook that she heard them last night at 2 a.m.). The snow is covering the giant leaf and branch piles in the street. The average snowfall in the state was 4-6″ according to my weather guy Bob. It’s supposed to be high 40s today, moving up into the 50s and high 60s this weekend (just in time for my sister’s visit!).


School is back for middle and high schools in our town, with a late start today. Elementary schools are still closed apparently due to safe access getting there. That works out fine in our family, since Dori really wants to go back (she’s bored at home) and Zack is happy to miss school.


As of yesterday, “one third of our elected representatives remain in the dark tonight as do our Chiefs of both the police department and fire department.”

The town library is now staying open until midnight so those who lack power can have somewhere warm to hang out (there are other public options as well).

The local Presbyterian Church is opening today and tomorrow from noon to 8 pm as a warming station, with soup, coffee and snacks available to the 3,000 locals without power, as well as any others in the area needing a warm place to go.

I heard more reports on Facebook last night of friends who had power losing it again. And the weather guy I’ve been following throughout Sandy said that before Athena, 21,000 homes in Ocean County didn’t have power, and now it’s 81,000.


On the bright side, the kids and I saw Wreck it Ralph yesterday, which was a really fun movie. Even for adults. I thought the local theater would be packed but there were only about 20 people in there.  Sadly downtown was very empty with plenty of on-street parking even though the weather wasn’t bad.

You can’t really tell it’s snowing from the photo, but it’s been coming down about 3.5 hours by this time. It’s sticking a little more now, but not accumulating much.

Mark’s door-to-door commute has been about an hour forty in the morning taking the bus, and two hours coming home (coming home is usually 70 minutes if he times it right), Which isn’t as bad as others going a similar distance. For some the train service isn’t serving their home station, so they’re taking the buses. The NYC and Newark train stations have increased police presence, barricades and bullhorns to control the crowds. Mark’s work still has no heat and they’re bundled up in hats and sweaters inside. He’s working from home today.

There’s been talk about the mail service. While the mail is coming, it’s nowhere near what we’d expect, and it’s mostly junk mail. Mark got his Economist a week late (and sadly I’m still waiting for my People Mag – I’m now about 2-3 weeks behind, cue the violins). Rumors are that one or more of the postal distribution sites got flooded and mail was ruined. Fortunately I got 2 work checks today, though they were sent after the hurricane so I guess that makes sense. And now that I can deposit them from my cell phone, I don’t even have to leave the house to go to the bank (though I could use more cash – so many merchants are cash-only until their phone/internet comes back up).

You can probably tell that this wasn’t taken during the snow storm. It was from Tuesday. You can see the utility workers in the background.

Does this mean we can drive 52?

I’m not sure why they left this log hanging here. The pole snapped in half bearing a street light last week. This is a new pole, with a log hanging on.


  1. Two of my relatives in Ocean county lost power again! One is my cousin, staying at her mom’s as her own house was destroyed by Sandy!

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