Posted by: Debbie Abrams Kaplan | November 26, 2012

Damn Raccoon

Our friends Stephanie and Ron were kind enough to send us a care package post Sandy. They wanted to send candy since Halloween was…sort of cancelled.

I can only guess a raccoon got into the package left by OUR FRONT DOOR while I was home – around 2:30 p.m.

The mailman leaves packages below the mailbox.

Here’s what I found when I went out to get Zack from school:

It was dragged about 10 feet to the grass. Yes, the t-shirt was pulled out from the package and left on the lawn. That’s a big hole above the address area.

Here’s the close-up. That’s the Dove chocolate bag you see in the middle of the hole. Plus the assorted other rips from the critter’s teeth.

The bag of Dove milk chocolates was cleanly sliced through and EMPTY.

We found empty blue tin foil wrappers on the front and back lawn, and the neighbor’s lawn. Plus 2 uneaten but scratched up chocolates.

The critter was unsuccessful in its attempt to get into the expensive truffles (fortunately for us encased in a thick cardboard box).

And oddly, the other bag of Dove chocolates, filled with caramel, was untouched.

For those who want to sent us chocolate in the future (and we HIGHLY recommend it), please make sure it’s wrapped up well in cardboard.

And Steph and Ron – we love you for your thoughtfulness!!! And the chocolate. ‘Cuz we still got to eat the truffles and the caramel ones.


  1. That’s one discriminating raccoon! I guess the shirt didn’t fit.

  2. Wow, who knew that raccoons were so found of Dove? I don’t see then during the day so I’m surprised by this!

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