Posted by: Debbie Abrams Kaplan | February 11, 2013

Everyone needs a friend like Albert

Yesterday was one of those days where you leave the house early and don’t stop until evening. It was all good stuff, but if one thing got out of whack, it was going to throw the entire day off. The kids had religious school until noon, but we were pulling them out 15 minutes early because of my difficult job as a blogger. I was reviewing the ziplining tour at Mountain Creek Ski Resort (with the family) and our tour started at 1:40. If we were late, we’d miss the tour. Mark was supposed to get the kids from school while I finished up a class I was taking. He called – flat tire a block from home. Should we stay and get it fixed, he asked?

Hell no. We go ziplining, leave the car there for 24 hours (no street cleaning or meter issues to worry about) and deal with it on Monday. I’d spend my Monday calling AAA and waiting there in the cold for the tow truck to come to change the tire, so I could drive it a block to the service station (and not worry about ruining the tire rims by driving on a flat).

I actually know how to change a tire (thanks Dad!), and even have a flat tire repair kit in the car (thanks Dad!). But I’ve never actually done it. I tried once (remember Cheryl?) by the side of the road ironically in New Jersey during college. But we failed and some guy stopped to help us. I should mention that Cheryl’s dad was an auto mechanic, but she couldn’t change the tire either.

While I’m picking Mark up from the scene of the flat tire, our neighbor Albert walks by with his dog Sammy. Albert is such a good soul that he not only cleans up his dogs’ poop, but he was taking a can of Progresso soup to his elderly mother who lives near by. He even gave me the Box Top from the soup can for me to donate to the elementary school. He thinks it’s ridiculous that we’re going to call AAA to change a flat tire – something that is so easy (granted he also renovates his house by himself, but that’s another story).  He asks for our keys and tells us that in between taking his son to sports practice, checking in on his mom, and running other errands, he’ll do it if he has a chance.

And what does he do? He changes the damn tire and drives it to our house, so we don’t have to bother with AAA.

How awesome is that? I’m thanking him with a batch of his favorite soup. No, not Progresso, but home-made  matza ball soup.

Don’t you wish you had a neighbor like Albert?


  1. I do remember the flat tire! All roads lead to Palmyra! Hope zip line was fun. Great neighbors are hard to find, but we are lucky to have some (My “Albert” is named Jim and Joyce). Such blessings!

  2. I’d change your tire too for some homemade matzo ball soup. If only I knew how . . .

  3. To know Albert is to love Albert! Way to go Al!

  4. Hey Hey Hey… Good job Albert! (No representations as to you actual girth, it was all I could come up with).Will you be cleaning up his dig poop in exchange, Debbie?

  5. I’d totally sign up for a neighbor like that! So awesome!

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