Posted by: Debbie Abrams Kaplan | February 25, 2013

Mom’s Bistro

Zack made me breakfast in bed this weekend. Here was the menu for “The Free Mom Breakfast Bistro”:

Mom bistro

I know it’s hard to read, and not just because it’s small.

In the first column, sides, I could chose from:

-Challah – free (not sure what “free” means)

-anything in the fridge

-sausage (links) – free

-bowl of nutrition (this apparently is also known as a bowl of fruit)


From the main meal (or main “meak”) I can have

-eggs with toast (can be light, medium or burnt!)

-“Yorgurt” with toppings of your choice


And for drinks:

-soda (what????)


-decaf coffee (does my boy know me, or what?)



  1. So cute!

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