Posted by: Debbie Abrams Kaplan | July 19, 2013

Off to Camp – the Luggage that is

The luggage service came bright and early to take the duffle bags away for camp. They were psyched these came with wheels. Shall we start taking bets as to how many will end up at the right camp? This year, not only did I add the luggage service tag, and our own luggage tag, but also a note inside with our address/name/phone, and a duct tape strip on top with our name. Those don’t stick as well as I thought, however. Maybe I’ll have my neighbor embroider them for next year.

We’re using the extra duffle that came home last year with the additional clothes the camp bought Zack when his duffle was lost for 5 days. It’s bigger and nicer than the odd one we had. I called camp last year to report we got an extra duffle and told them the name on it. Were they missing their duffle? Apparently not. So now we have an extra. It will be very embarrassing if that kid is in Zack’s cabin and says “hey – that’s my duffle!”


Packing girls and boys is completely different.


Add several rolls of duct/duck tape (for the uninitiated, it’s used for crafts and comes in colorful patterns)

Add cute stationery

Include pictures and print-outs carefully chosen to decorate the bunk

Include nail polish and hair ties.

Include several different pairs of flip-flops


Include 2 pairs of socks and underwear – that’s more than enough for a month

Zack decided this year that the 12 stamps I was packing was not enough. This in spite of him sending home exactly two letters last year. And no emails (they are required to send one email a week but he prefers writing letters instead. Yeah.). The complete set of address labels for the grandparents are going back to camp with him – they’re left over from last year. So per his request, I added extra envelopes and another sheet of stamps. We’ll see how many come home unused.

It’s Friday afternoon and I still have no clue where and when the bus is picking the kids up on Monday. It’s either in a parking lot 7 minutes away, or one 30 minutes away, though it would be nice to know what time. Just sayin’. I need to know what time to book my massage.


  1. So funny!! Love reading your stuff!!

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