Posted by: Debbie Abrams Kaplan | July 26, 2013

A Tale of Two Children

You may recall that yesterday we received an email from Zack:


Well, today, Dori sent an email. Just goes to show that in nature versus nurture, nature wins.

Hi!I’m alive right now(yay). I haven’t gotten many pictures taken of me yet so don’t get frustrated. It’s kinda weird concidering the camp photogropher is a counceler in our bunk. I got my jet ski license so I can drive a jet ski or any motor boat 65 feet or under. I got to drive a jetski yesterday. It wasso much fun! I really want to do scuba diving (which is in the pool), pottery wheel, and improv (which looks like a lot of fun) in addition to cullinary arts (cooking-not only gluten free) but they’re always full. My friends sometimes skip stuff and it’s getting annoying. They come half way into all the electives and recently actually skipped lunch! Then during rest hour they snuck into the cafeteria and got pasta. Please send more soda money. I’m being told to hurry up so I have to go. Love you!

Your very much alive daughter,



  1. Very funny! I think they have your sense of humor!

  2. Too funny! Send me their addresses and I’ll send them each a letter. I expect only Dori will write back. 😉

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