Posted by: Debbie Abrams Kaplan | July 30, 2013

Zack strikes again

Got the second email from Zack. The subject line was “I like cheese” so I truly didn’t know which child this was from (don’t ask). Fortunately, my son identified himself. Below is the entire email.

zack ,
p.s. how much does pokemon(R) soul silver ds cost used and new at gamestop?
p.s.s. does it come with a pokewalker if you get it new?

bbbbbbbbbbbbbbb yyy yyy eeeeeeeeeee
bb bb yyy yyy ee bb bb yyy yyy eeeeeee bb bb yyy yyy ee bbbbbbbbbbbbbb yyyyyy ee bb bb yyyy ee bb bb yy eeeeeeeeeee
bbbbbbbbbbbbbb yy



  1. At least he is emailing….

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