Posted by: Debbie Abrams Kaplan | August 4, 2013

Camp letters

We were happy to come home from Boston to mail. Not only a reimbursement check from the PTA and an insurance rebate (woo hoo!) but three envelopes from camp. Given that they used labels that I packed and the same stamps, there was only way I could tell who they were from. Two were thin envelopes and one was thick. Just like college admissions! Zack’s were the thin ones. Dori wrote us a novel.

Zack’s first letter was marked “Day 1.”

“Dear Mom and Dad, I am Enjoying Myself at Camp (so far).

From, Zack.

P.S. You ever heard of laundry? because you way overpacked.

Dori, on the other hand, wrote six single spaced pages, five of them double sided. One of our favorite bits:

She went to science and the instructor took a white styrofoam cooler out and here was the conversation:

“Science instructor: Do you know what’s in here?

Dori: Dry ice

S: Good! And dry ice is…

D: Carbon dioxide

(instructor puts a piece in water, it bubbles and makes gas)

S: what is this doing?

D: Doing from a solid to a gas

(instructor passes out gloves)

D: are we going to put the ice in them?

S: Is one of your parents a scientist?”


And later: “Please send more shorts and/or more soda money.”


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