Posted by: Debbie Abrams Kaplan | August 6, 2013

Cicadas – Bye Bye Brood II


The 17 year cicadas have been gone now for at least a month. In their place is the molted shells, some dead bugs (fortunately not many – maybe the birds gorged themselves) and odd dead branches. We’ve been noticing tips of branches turning brown, and clusters of them on the ground. We don’t recall seeing these in past years.


They look a bit like grape vines hanging down.


Turns out this is the cicada’s doing. As mentioned previously, the cicada adults mate and climb trees to lay their eggs. they dig channels in the branch and lay the eggs in them. From initial accounts (and this cool movie) I thought the baby cicadas (larvae) jumped out of the trees, landing in our soft grass and burrowing into the ground for their next cycle. But just maybe the branches fall down and the eggs catch a ride to the ground.



You can see these dead branch bits all over town on people’s lawn. Some are still hanging in our trees.





Here’s a close up of the branch. Not sure what all that white mucous stuff is, but I could guess. I didn’t see any little larvae in there. Not that I knew, at least!



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