Posted by: Debbie Abrams Kaplan | August 15, 2013

The kids are home!

The camp couldn’t wait to get rid of the kids – they arrived back at the local JCC at 10:45 a.m. Barely had time for breakfast before they were shoved on the bus, the door slammed. They arrived looking like vagabonds with plastic bags of their things. The rest should arrive tomorrow (let’s hope, since they packed up on Tuesday!)

Dori was the first off the bus, giving me a big hug and laughing the whole time. I thought she was excited to see me, but it turns out the girl learned some practical jokes at camp. This was plastered on my back. I missed my morning workout for this?


In spite of the kids sitting in row 2 (my kids actually sat together – on purpose!), Zack was just about the last kid off the bus.  Probably because he saw me waving this sign like a crazy woman. I think he tried hiding on the bus but they made him get off.

welcome back


Since I missed out on the craziness of visitor’s day, where parents at some camps create glitter signs to greet their kids and bring them mounds of food and candy, I decided this would be the time to indulge them. So I could barely walk while carrying this candy tower to greet them at the bus. I told them they could each have one piece a day. So generous of me!


candy tower


And because I was afraid my poor children would be hungry after eating sucky camp food (though they did not look malnourished to me), I hired a food truck so they wouldn’t have to wait the 5 minutes it would take to get home. Also, I have no food in the house. I got some strange looks from the other parents, but then they got in line too.

food truck


Dori was excited to come home to her new boating license. While Zack still wants a gerbil, Dori now wants a jet ski. I told her to ask her grandparents.






  1. I think the boat she buys should be named KickMe in your honor. When she gets rich and can afford to buy her parents a boat and a summer home on the shore (as opposed to farming you out to Sunny Acres Retirement home) maybe you can remind her of this prank? And the Kosher Food truck wad a great idea but only if they don’t come home from Camp Ramah sick of the kashrut restrictions they won’t follow at home. One day they will go to college and be embarrassed as their dorm mates mock them and point out the laundry tags in the old underwear or T-shirt or towel that their mom lovingly sewed (!) or ironed into the waistband only to be left in the communal dryer. You’ll get divine recompense at that time.

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