Posted by: Debbie Abrams Kaplan | October 1, 2013

Mitzvah Fair…redux

I went to another mitzvah fair with my partner in crime, Rachel. Rachel is planning a bat mitzvah two weeks after ours, so we get to go through this process together. This one was less outrageous than the last one – or at least it didn’t have a face carved out of a watermelon.

bat mitzvah fair photo

Call me…maybe

This fair had some dresses on display. Given that we walked in wearing jeans (see fancy outfits above), we at first thought we were in the wrong place. The girls who greeted us at the door were wearing some serious bling dresses. We thought we were crashing a wedding. But no worries. These girls were modeling and just as awkward as our own daughters, albeit in $450 dresses.


The best part about the dress on the right is that it LIT UP. Seriously! It lit up.

I loved it. i want to get a light up dress for…I don’t know what. Not the bat mitzvah, but something. It was awesome.


 Rachel had fun checking out the “mother of the” whatever dresses. Perhaps mother of the bat mitzvah girl, or maybe mother of the bride. or maybe they’re prom dresses. We’re not really sure, but they’re custom dresses made in a nearby town. And Rachel would need some serious customization, because they were a little big for her.


 I love the picture below of Rachel and the silver dress. And how she only comes up to the chest. She could wear that to the Oscars, and totally look like a female Oscar.


Here’s me with an ice skating dress. Or maybe it’s a bat mitzvah girl dress for a cheerleader or gymnast. Because it wouldn’t fit Dori. Maybe it would fit Rachel.


 The venue sponsoring the event had lots of food stations set up, which meant I didn’t have to eat dinner at home. This is a tiny milkshake. Is it cute or what? i love the straw. The cup is about two sips worth.  They also had these mini milk bottles which were so cute I almost took one home. But I resisted.


 Then they passed around mini ice cream sandwiches. Unfortunately they were melting, which I felt bad about because I dripped ice cream on their carpet. Oops! I managed to resist grabbing a napkin full of M&Ms to bring home.


 One of the best vendors was the cigar roller. Turns out that bar and bat mitzvah kids LOVE having cigars at their parties. Or maybe their moms like this part. You can get some dude hand-rolling cigars at a table at your party, or just have them available to take home. Because nothing says “you’re a man” or “you’re a woman” like handing out cigars.


At the end, we got to take mini cupcakes home. You too can have a cupcake van outside your party so your friends and family can scarf down some more sweets on the way out. They also do milk and cookies. The ladies were lovely and let us each take home four cupcakes for the whole family.


Did I get any ideas for our bat mizvah? Oh yes. And I can’t wait until the next mitzvah fair!


  1. If you get one of those LIGHT UP dresses you will match one of Mark’s bright shirts.

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