Posted by: Debbie Abrams Kaplan | February 3, 2014

The Roof. The Snow.

We knew for awhile that we were due for a reroofing. One roofer said it should be done NOW and the other said it could probably wait a year. By the time we made a decision, it was December. There was no hurry, which was good because January weather has been snowy, icy and cold. January turned into the very end of January and early February. There was a break in the weather and the next thing we knew, we had a dumpster and carts of supplies in our driveway.

Seven trucks arrived the next day with maybe 20 workers, who tore the roof off the house. I left to get groceries and came home to this 90 minutes later:

The workers weren't excited to see me come home with groceries.

The workers weren’t excited to see me come home with groceries.

Yes, they had to undo the tarps to let me into my house. The back door was blocked too. They managed to get the roof back on and mostly shingled in one day. Some of those tarps fell off, and I watched scraps fall into and on top of my bushes. The next day they came back with  few guys (and only 2 trucks) and finished the shingling.

This is how it looked when I left for school pick-up.

This is how it looked when I left for school pick-up.

By now, it was Saturday night. Snow storm expected on Monday morning. Early estimates were 1-3 inches (later estimates were 4-8 inches). On Sunday afternoon, most of the snow was gone. It was a warm day (50s) – Super Bowl Sunday. I walked around our yard and found a handful of very large nails in the driveway, some large nails in the back yard, half a dozen cigarette butts, lots and lots of plastic pieces from the shingles, and lots of debris from our old roof (small pieces of shingles and wood). Though I know they’re not done (they still have gutters to do – I was told that would happen in a week or so), and the dumpster was still here along with a pile of shingles, I assume that enough was done they could have cleaned up. Before the storm. It would have taken maybe an hour or two by one person. Just walk around the property and pick up garbage. And take a magnet around in search of nails.


The view from my kitchen window.

Needless to say, the scraps of garbage are all covered now in 6.5 inches of snow (and counting). Yes, they called back and will clean it up. No, their workers aren’t supposed to drop cigarette butts on my lawn. No, their workers don’t pee on property (they save it all up for lunchtime, and leave for lunch – not sure why that one guy was making his way through our thorny bushes to go behind our garage). Yes, they’ll use a magnet to look for nails. They’ll do it as soon as they can. I’m wondering how they’re going to do that this week, with more snow and ice expected. And how I’m supposed to feel comfortable parking in the driveway when I already found big nails there.

Their truck came soon after the phone call to get the dumpster (now covered in snow). The guy did a cursory check after loading it, of the spot where it laid. Maybe he was looking for nails? Maybe not. He left all the small roofing scraps still on the driveway to the side or underneath the dumpster. Awesome.


Bye bye dumpster

You can see how lovely our new roof looks.

In case you're wondering, the shingles are black.

In case you’re wondering, the shingles are black.

We trust that all will end well. The gutters will be replaced soon. The garbage cleaned up. At some point when the snow melts. I still owe them 66% of the bill.


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