Posted by: Debbie Abrams Kaplan | May 4, 2014

The garage…and the mechanical bull

Yesterday was a little crazy. We went to synagogue in the morning for a religious school program and services. The relaxing Shabbat afternoon was spent running five hours of errands. Errands that were supposed to be run on Thursday, only the school nurse called me (and Mark and apparently our emergency back-up person) 9:45 a.m. to say that Zack was nauseated and pale and needed to go home. What a coincidence – he had a chorale show that afternoon and evening that didn’t want to be in!

Even though I will not be winning Mom of the Year this year, I did pick up my son and drag him out to the car to run errands with me (like I said, I’m not winning Mom of the Year). No sooner had he sat down in the car than he barfed on the seat. No, not out the open door onto the street, but on the middle seat. Yay! No errands for me and I get to clean up puke. Of course he recovered by the time school ended and the show was over.

No errands on Friday, because  our living room ceiling hole was getting fixed. That only took from 7:45 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Quick break for a picture of Saturday night.  Awesome Cinco de Mayo party. The hosts outdid themselves this year.

My inner thigh is still strained, but my inner goddess is beaming

My left inner thigh is still strained, but fortunately I can still walk. It would be embarrassing to be on crutches at the Bat Mitzvah because of a mechanical bull injury.

My cowboy

My cowboy, after a margarita and beer.

So Sunday was going to be my almost completely open day. I had to plant flowers outside so anyone coming for brunch would think we lived in a paradise – all the time. They’d think we hired actual landscapers.  So I was very psyched when Mark woke me up to say that the garage door sounded like a moaning dead cow, and it’s possible the garage door was almost dead.  Yay!

Fortunately for us, we know someone who fixes these things, and dayenu – he was available Sunday morning. We’re getting very lucky with contractor availability this week. I spent a good chunk of the morning with him in the garage, not planting flowers.

Stripped gear

Stripped gear

This is what a stripped gear looks like. That’s our stripped gear. They last around 12 years. Lucky for us, ours  stripped less than a week before the Bat Mitzvah!

Maybe you want a close-up

Maybe you want a close-up – artistic, yes?

One errand I didn’t get to on Saturday was getting copies made. So I went to Staples downtown run copies of the program and directions, and some other things. Our local Staples is going out of business on May 10 (a familiar date), but who would think they wouldn’t have enough copy paper to do the job? So I got everything copied BUT the program. Oh well. Something to add to the list for this week.

Here’s hoping to a drama-free week at home.

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