Posted by: Debbie Abrams Kaplan | May 6, 2014

Damn squirrels

No sooner had I planted flowers on Sunday, then the squirrels (or maybe raccoons) rummaged through the planters looking for I don’t know what. I didn’t find any peanut shells in there. This happens every year. I plant, the animals pull them up. I plant round 2 and they leave them alone. Only certain planters are dug up, even though they often contain the same flowers.









So we’ll see if this tasty concoction works. It’s now in all the planters.



  1. Is it working, Debbie? I have this problem, too.

  2. […] Or maybe I’ll plant flowers in there next year. My container flowers are doing quite well. I haven’t had to replant them at all, aside from repotting the initial group after a squirrel dug a bunch up before the Bat Mitzvah weekend. […]

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