Posted by: Debbie Abrams Kaplan | August 11, 2014

Letters from Dori

Since my daughter has now allowed me to post portions of her letters from camp, I’ll do so with only two full days of camp left! I’ll number them so you can tell when one quote starts/ends, and know that they don’t flow in any order. I also left most spelling errors in tact.

1.  “We made bunk rules today and this one canceler said dress appropriately which is weird because she does NOT. Here’s what she looks like:

camp dori boobs

(The bottom part said “bra (she has the biggest boobs I’ve EVER seen, at least 5 sizes bigger than mom’s!) And I know because she took forever to put on her shirt & bra after a shower and didn’t cover that area”)

2.  “I also did scuba diving (we found lots of dead frogs), took bunk photos (we wore blue), and took a shower (I used shampoo.) I just wrote the shower part because I wrote “&” and realized there was nothing else and I didn’t feel like rearranging my sentence.”

3. “This morning at breakfast, the science lady asked me if I wanted to do the camp science fair. I said I’d think about it and she told me about her idea for an enzyme poster and a bunch of details about the fair. I told her I’d think about it. When I walked into science, she was like “We got your poster board! We’ll start working on your enzymes poster!” So I guess her definition of “I’ll think about it” is different than mine.”

4. “I forgot to tell you, you put my bunk, name and address on 3 bags so you can imagine my surprise when I opened a bag full of boy’s sweat shorts & t-shirts, I was like “Hey! Doesn’t Mom know I stopped dressing like that a long time ago?” Just kidding. Some guy councelor brought it down to Zack’s bunk.”

5. “In scuba, there was 1 other boy today so I wasn’t alone which was nice. He was super nice (just kidding. I have no idea. We couldn’t really talk, but he seemed friendly.)”

6. “This evening activity is a major (with boys. Minor is without). Some of the girls are going crazy putting on makeup and tight clothes (or loose clothes that are very open).”

7. (Dori reported on Zack after seeing him on sibling day): “Friday night he felt nauseous and went to the infirmary and threw up. He stayed over night but didn’t really sleep because he was sick and they were playing Frozen songs. But he was excited that he got free Gatorade. Apparently there’s a rumor that they put Pepto Bismol in it, but Zack said they didn’t. Oh and Zack skipped email (weekly time to email home) for robotics. When brother/sister visit was over, he couldn’t have been happier to go get water. Also, he has a sunburn. I sent him a letter with cookies (intracamp mail) and told him to use sunblock.”

8. “So today was breast cancer day so we all wore pink for Shabbat.”

9. The camp broke the World Record for people singing Old McDonald at once, with officials presiding.

10. “By the way Mom, I will need to use a 2nd notebook soon, so you were right. But don’t get too excited because you don’t win anything except bragging rights. You will probably hold it against me now.”

11. “I did strategy games and beat two councelers in Settlers.”

12. “I went to animal center. There was the cutest bunny ever. It was the size of a gerbil and SO FLUFFY. Can I pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeasssssssssssssssssssssssssssseeeeeeee adopt it? I already know the answer but I had to do that since Zack didn’t email, so that’s probably what you missed.”

13. “My friend loves One Direction and is making a poster. I’m helping her cut up magazines and I left the magazine on my leg too long so now I have Harry Styles on my leg.”

14.”We saw a baby bear at line-up. I saw its butt disappear into the bushes.”

15. “By the way, please send letters/Ricebow (stuffed rabbit) pictures. I feel bad but I think I miss her more than you guys. I might miss you more if I brought a picture of you.”

16. “Today was the science fair. I saw Zack. He loves robotics and has a rash. That’s what I got out of him. He said he will send a letter (you’re welcome, I don’t think he will actually do it, but it’s a start).”

17. “The science fair was horrible! I had to shove down 2 bowls of cereal, then run down the hill, then stay for 3 hours (I missed beading) and tell people the same information over and over again. By the time it was over, I was in a horrible mood. But we had canteen. I felt better. I had a root beer, cheese puffs and a Hershey bar – I ate it all.”

18. “I’m not sure my letter ever got to you because I accidentally put it in the intercamp slot.”

19. “I have a sore throat, a stuffy nose, I’m tired & I feel like shit.”

20. “If I wake up really sick tomorrow, I will have to go to the infirmary. So I packed a backpack with things like my iPod, duct tape, drawing supplies, books and a notebook, and some other stuff like deoderant, a hairbrush and more entertainment stuff. I also left a note saying if I have to go there, please bring some things like my pillow, stuffed animals and USB converter. Hopefully I won’t need it, but sometimes life works out that way and you just have to go with it. I’m bringing the (stamps/addresses envelope) so I can send letters to you even if I end up there.” (note: she did not need to go to the infirmary)

21. “I got an email from Rachel A thanking me for letting Mom put my letters and stuff on her blog.”


  1. Dori. Rocks. And she’s got her mom’s wicked sense of humor! I got a letter from her today. I won’t be posting it on my blog. Snort.

  2. So funny!!! Your daughter is totally following in your footsteps. She’s an excellent writer. Love reading everything you both write!

  3. Those are awesome letters. She has a great voice, as the writer-types say…

  4. enjoyed reading Dori’s letters. I am sure you plan on saving them until she is an adult. love, dad

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