Posted by: Debbie Abrams Kaplan | August 14, 2014

Questions from camp

My children returned from camp this morning. There were lots of questions, starting with mine.

-Dori, why do you have all your luggage with you when the camp insisted that you can’t bring it on the bus and  I had to pay to ship it?

The sheepish look of "whoops!" The luggage is much larger than it appears in the photo.

The sheepish look of “whoops!” The luggage is much larger than it appears in the photo.

I didn’t get a good answer to that one, other than she said that her department head told her to bring it with her. The good news: an early start on the laundry and we know the luggage won’t get lost. The bad news: I already paid someone to lug it to our doorstep (I can’t honestly ask for a refund when it’s not their fault) and I brought the compact car to pick the kids up. The luggage fit, but barely.

Then the kids’ questions started:

-Why are you late to pick us up from camp – again?

-Wait, you’re not crying because you love us and you’re happy we’re home?

-Can we go out for lunch? Can we have soda?

-What do you mean you forgot to feed my fish and now we have to buy all new ones because they’re floating in the tank?

-Why is the only food you have in the house salad, dry cereal and alcohol?

-Why don’t we have a microwave anymore?

-Why do we have to make up the 15 hours of piano and oboe practice we missed, and why do we have to do it all in four days?

-Wait, you’re sending us away to ANOTHER camp for a week, starting next Tuesday?

-So tomorrow we don’t get to sleep it? We have dental appointments at 9 a.m.? And then Zack is getting teeth pulled?

-Can we go to camp again next summer for second session?

It’s good to have them home.



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