Posted by: Debbie Abrams Kaplan | August 15, 2014

Zack’s FIRST email

You might recall that Zack finally sent an email the last week of camp. In it, he referred to his previous email to me (unreceived). When he got home, he was disappointed because it told all of what was happening at camp, and that he was happy. Then he realized what happened. He sent it to my email address but using gmail instead of hotmail (yes, some of us still use hotmail).

So I tried an experiment. I emailed the mistaken address, asking if the recipient got an unexpected camp email 2 weeks ago, and if so, did the person still have it? Could they forward it to me?

Within minutes I got an email back from Doug. And he forwarded the email. The saint had saved it and initially tried emailing the camp back to let them know they had the wrong email address, but it bounced (camp emails are one way). The guy made my day. And now he’ll make yours.

subject: hi mom! i barfed!

hi mom. did you like my subject line? i barfed. ithink that should be the way, one of my bags was sent to dori. it had her tag, but my clothes. i made a bunch of new freinds(-: . of yeah, and incase you couldn’t tell, i’m havinging fun. i taught a bunch of people in my bunk pokemon, and now i’m spending most of rest hour doing it. i especially enjoy playing with ben, my favorite counsolur (playing pokemon. his bed is next to mine)! i love robotics. i have it for speacalty next week. we had the mystery trip. it was really fun. oh, and i have a rash O-: . now i can’t do archery (the arm gaurd irritates my rash) or swim and boat in the lake (the life vest irritates my rash). the rash is on my forearms and the back of my neck. i learned how to sail! not that i can do it again (my rash). yoel, from isreal, came back this year. he’s really nice and freindly. i got a bottom bunk. the person on the top bunk is shane. it’s his first year and i taught him how to play pokemon. you know henry? the one i suggested as a bunkmate? he’s going to edison (YAY). my sister told me to write a letter at least a page long. i’m writing an e-mail instead. the guy holding the gun up to me and forcing me to smile’s name is joe. he’s actualy holding a gun up to me rif=ght now forcing me to keep writing. i was in the sience fair for robotics, which was fun.

that’s all the time i’ve got.


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