Posted by: Debbie Abrams Kaplan | August 20, 2014

Letters from Dori part 2

Turns out the letter we were expecting from Zack was actually a Camp Libs the kids made together during sibling visit on Shabbat, and sent by Dori with her last long letter, which arrived last weekend. But Camp Libs doesn’t translate well on a blog post. What DOES translate well is Dori’s last letter, excerpted here.

1. “Tonight our camp is having a T’sha B’av service.  We have to wear all dark colors and I’m not excited. Tomorrow people have the option to fast. Most of my bunk is but I just want to eat. (Next part written later). We had the service. It was actually kind of nice but pretty depressing. I learned a lot though, but I’m still not fasting. Since a lot of people were  fasting, that ironically gave us a chance to eat more. Tonight, our councelurs were like “take more cookies! Take more! We have so many!” I think I ate 6. I don’t know how well I’ll sleep tonight.”

2. “Today I got a golf cart ride with M and O (SO FUN) from Andy P, the guy I told you last year that everyone’s obsessed with. It was so fun! I sat next to Andy but I cared about the ride, not him. He actually got a hair cut and all of us agreed he used to look good but now he looks like a monkey.”

3. “TTYL (talk to you later or WTYL) – I don’t know why I just did that. Whatever.”

4. “My toiletrees bag got wet and gross and it smells so bad, so I had to throw it out. I made a new bag out of duct tape (dad, see! It has a good use!).”

5. (In response to my question about whether Dori would be taking up running after seeing this picture online): “No, I will not taking up running, To be honest. I was walking marathon with O and we saw the photographer and asked him if we could get a picture running so we could look athletic. It was pretty funny. I’m walking for an hour a day if that makes you happy, and doing lots of hills.””

6. “Back to the coming home thing for a sec, could you have ripe mango, strawberries and cherries when I get home? That’s my 1 simple request.”

7. “We had delicious watermelon with our sloppy joes (normal kind, not Jersey kind). The sloppy joe’s were a little sweet though so they tasted weird.”

8. “B woke up and was like “I have a bunch of mosquito bites on my butt and they are in a circle.” I yelled “ring of fire!” Later on we figured out it was a rash.”

9. “It was Israeli day…the beginning was terrible. We went to the “market” where we had to use fake money to bargain in Hebrew for our snack. They gave us an Oxford English-Hebrew Ultimate Dictionary – it had like 10 phrases and some numbers. ..Then we rotated to pita making, where you “buy” a ball of dough. Then with your dirty hands, flatten it, wait in line to put it on the fire and stand in the deadly heat waiting for yours to come out. I waited there for 3 rotations (20ish minutes each) to get mine in and off the fire. It tasted like matzah but not as dry. NOT WORTH IT. Then we had army training which was way better than last year (last year we ran laps, stopping to do push ups and crawl under tables). It was like a scavenger hunt with activities…”

And that my friends is the end of camp letters for 2014!

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